Thursday, 7 August 2014


Success Criteria

Brainstorms to identify main ideas to be used in writing.
Uses most of the main ideas in the writing.
Uses paragraphs and sequences ideas.
Attempts to end writing with a simple conclusions.
Spells most words correctly.
Uses capital letters, full stops, commas, apostrophes, question marks, exclamation marks.
Rereads writing to edit out information that does not improve the message.
Rereads writing to edit in words and phrases that improve the message.
Uses a dictionary to identify and check spelling attempts.
Checks writing for basic punctuation.

My Holidays
In the holidays some friends from Auckland came over for five days. Their names were Olivia, Kendall Jane, George (Kendalls boyfriend), Neo (the dog), Darrell and Karen.

Whilst they were here we went to the Go-Karting place next to paintball 007. The man there would put water on the track so that we could do skids around the middle of the track. The track had features like there were tyres round the track.

On Tuesday I went to a Football Program at Woodford House. We were in the gym mostly because it was raining and we couldn’t play outside, but the good thing was that we were outside for one day. On the last day there we had a Futsal Tournament, the teams were Honduras (my team), Ghana, Germany and thats all the teams I can remember.

Me and my Dad went to the movies on Saturday, we went to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2, I thought it was an AMAZING movie. On Friday night Matthew and my Dad went to see Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

In the weekend we got five movies for $5 from Video Ezy in Havelock. We got Men In Black 3, Fantastic Four, Mr Bean and my brothers movies were Semi-Pro, Rush Hour 3, Rush Hour 2, Four Brothers And Star Wars Family Guy

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